MOdeling LAnguages: The Portal on Models in Software Engineering

August 14, 2017 at 11:43 AM

Jordi Cabot delivered a very relevant and interesting keynote, The Secret Life of Rules in Software Engineering, at RuleML+RR 2017. His arguments for the desideratum that "rules must become first-class citizens in any software development project" are completely convincing in the RuleML+RR community and should increasingly appeal to (new?) people in SE. Likewise, most RuleML and RR colleagues would probably subscribe to the step-wise-transformation approach from model/spec to code that he explained. He also sketched how schema discovery over big data can infer explicit rules for use in data processing, Moreover, he emphasized the role of OCL in constraint/rule-based modeling, referring to a paper integrating OCL, RuleML and SWRL from the current community.

Jordi is maintaining the portal MOdeling LAnguages, which promotes the use of (rule-based) software models and engineering principles in software engineering. We should use the opportunity of Jordi’s keynote and portal for a fresh look into OCL and into RuleML's connections to it (including for the object-relational PSOA RuleML). The discussion between the communities has started at RuleML+RR 2017 in London. Please contribute to it, both on "MOdeling LAnguages" and "RuleML Blog & Social Mediazine".