Cfp: RADIO AI 2018: An Invitation to Talk About Your Work, Ideas, Thoughts

September 4, 2017 at 1:14 AM
RADIO AI - Call for Participation This invitation is extended across all the subfields of AI. The purpose of the RADIO AI project is to help educate the public and other professions about AI, with a crowd sourced collective of podcasts by people who work on AI. Submit podcasts by email to Submissions are in .mp3 or .wav. See for examples.

We hope to hear from many individuals who are passionate about their work, and who wish to counter the AI fear by educating the public with lighthearted informative podcasts. Many of the people who are creating the fear of AI do not actually work in AI.

Our goal is to to create an easy to access collective of  short informative lectures by the people who work in AI - academia, business, finance, healthcare, inventors, and programmers. The lectures can be as short as 3 minutes or as long as 10.  Some of you might wish to do a series of podcasts.  


Intent to submit November 1, 2017

Draft podcasts due: Dec. 12, 2017

Final podcasts due: Jan 12, 2017

Audience: Please gage the audience as either teenage or in another field of study that is non-technical.

Travel/hotel:   There is no travel or hotel reservation required. All you need is some peace and quiet, a microphone and your inspired thinking.

Contact: Dr. C. Mason


There are 2 example podcasts on the site       We can upload your podcast as soon as it is received and reviewed.Topics related to AI include - history of AI, rule based systems, software agents, robots, machine learning,  overview of AI, and applications - healthcare, legal, transportation, energy, environment, etc.  All topics related to AI are welcome.  Also, if you're working in this field and are aware of the social changes that will or already havebeen taking place, we welcome your insights for the public.  We hope this will be fun for you and that by doing this, it will make you happy. It will also be a service to ourselves and the public.