Release of Deliberation RuleML 1.01

July 30, 2014 at 3:09 PM
The specification of Deliberation RuleML 1.01 has been released.

schema diagram for Implies The specification of Deliberation RuleML 1.01 has been released after the Public Review and after the Steering Committee Response has addressed all comments. The full, fine-grained systematics of Deliberation RuleML 1.01 language features can be customized via MYNG 1.01.

You can now start building Deliberation RuleML 1.01 Rulebases of your own, e.g. modeled on the instructive example or the entries of the Rulebase Competition 2014. Please post your (Disqus) comments here, e.g. about your experiences, links to your examples, your related tools (e.g. editors and engines), and your suggestions for Deliberation RuleML 1.02+.

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