2nd Workshop on Rules: Logic and Applications

December 31, 2019 at 2:41 PM

Following up on RulesLogApps 2018, the 2nd Workshop on Rules: Logic and Applications (RulesLogApps 2019), took place on Dec. 16-17, 2019, at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. It included sessions discussing RuleML and XAI topics. Information about these and the other sessions can be found on the RulesLogApps 2019 website.

In particular, these talk slides are available from the website:

Session "RuleML and Prolog"

A Hands-on PSOA RuleML Tutorial: Relationship & Framepoint Facts and Rules (Theodoros Mitsikas)

ExosCE: A Legal Framework System for Exoskeleton Compliance (Sofia Almpani)

Data Systematics: The PSOA RuleML Metamodel Illustrated by Grailog Visualization of Wedding Atoms (Harold Boley)

*  Scryer Prolog: A modern ISO Prolog implementation written in Rust (Mark Thom)

Session "Explainable AI"

Explainable AI (Nick Bassiliades)

From Association Rules to Interpretable Classification Models - A Tutorial (Tomáš Kliegr)

Some of the speakers of RulesLogApps 2019 presented remotely. The contacts for RulesLogApps are  Sofia Almpani, Theodoros Mitsikas, and Petros Stefaneas.

Read more at: http://fsvg.math.ntua.gr/rulesworkshop2019.html