Business Cases and Technologies for Rules in Industry (CfP)-

January 28, 2015 at 1:56 PM
With the increased importance of big data for improving operational performance in all sectors of industry, the role of rule technologies has become ever more manifest (and even critical). Indeed, if Data assets have been recognized as the "new oil", then Rule technologies should be introduced for the most important processing steps in generating value from data.

For example, event-condition rules enable the detection of an anomaly state in the process execution by processing huge streams of sensor data. However, not only the creation and execution of such rules, but also their maintenance and refinement require a systematic approach, provided usually through rule management methodologies and systems. On the other hand the industry is still not completely aware of the importance of such approaches for an efficient utilization of rules in the era of big data. Therefore, there is a need for industry to share, exploit, and learn about the use of rules and rule technologies for solving real life business problems. The proposed industry track aims to be a forum for all sectors of industry (and the corresponding public sectors) to address such needs.

Incentives for industry participation in this track include:

  • Present own results / solutions for use of rule technologies in business settings
  • Learn about new trends in rule technologies, and how they can be used to address business problems
  • Learn about new trends in other domains (like Big data, Internet of Things) that influence the application of rule technologies in industry
  • Exchange experiences about business cases and use of rules
  • Compete for a RuleML award for best business case for use of rules technologies


The track seeks two types of submissions in LNCS format:

  • Extended abstracts of up to 2 pages
  • Short papers of up to 8 pages

Irrespective of the type, the submissions must follow the following structure / template:

  1. Business case - explain the business case and the value proposition
  2. Technological challenges - explaining why the business case challenge is difficult to solve using traditional technologies
  3. Rule-based solution - technical details, esp. the usage of rules
  4. Results - the benefits of the solution, including improvement of KPIs
  5. Importance and impact - describe the importance of the solution for business/technology

Topic-wise any rules-related topics are welcome as long as they follow the above structure.

The submissions will be peer-reviewed. Selected best industry papers will be published in the RuleML Springer LNCS Proceedings and all other accepted industry papers will be published in the RuleML CEUR proceedings. The papers must be submitted via RuleML submission system at and selecting the track "RuleML 2015 - Industry Track".

Besides presenting their business case papers, selected authors of industry track papers, among others, will be invited to participate in a panel related to the use of rules and rule technologies in business cases.


Paper Submission: April 30, 2015
Author Notification May 15, 2015
Camera Ready May 30, 2015
Industry Track dates: 3-5 Aug, 2015


Nenad Stojanovic, Nissatech Innovation Centre, Serbia,
Dumitru Roman, SINTEF, Norway,
Mark Proctor, Redhat, UK,