RuleML2014 Keynote Talk: "Rules, Events and Actions".

March 21, 2014 at 1:44 PM
We are please to announce Prof.dr. Adrian Paschke as a keynote speaker for the in Prague. Dr. Paschke is head of the Corporate Semantic Web group (AG-CSW) at the institute of computer science at FU Berlin. He is also associate professor at the department of information systems at the faculty of informatics and electronic economy at Poznan University of Economics

Prof.dr. Adrian PaschkeComplex Event Processing (CEP) is an enabling technology to extract actionable, situated knowledge from large amounts of event data in real-time. The promises of the combination of event processing and semantic technologies is that these Semantic CEP (SCEP) engines can use semantic background knowledge for defining more expressive event detection patterns, for understanding what is happening in terms of events and situations, and for knowing what rule-based actions they can invoke. The challenge lies in the combination of distributed real-time big data processing and semantic reasoning with background knowledge bases. The keynote follows the functional layers for preparation, analysis, detection, and reaction of the Reference Architecture from the Event Processing Technical Society (EPTS-RA). It addresses the problem of optimized semantic querying, fusion and enrichment of real-time event streams with background knowledge and the expressive reasoning with such enriched events in the higher layers of rule-based event processing and reaction functions. It reports on the standardization activities in Reaction RuleML as a platform-independent rule-based Event Processing Language (EPL) to support such SCEP functions in distributed rule-based Event Processing Networks (EPN) and Event Processing Agents (EPA).


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