Release of Deliberation RuleML 1.02

August 1, 2016 at 2:08 PM
The specification of Deliberation RuleML 1.02 has been released and presented at RuleML 2016.
The Specification of Deliberation RuleML 1.02 has become an official release by the RuleML Steering Committee after approval of the Response to Review of Deliberation RuleML 1.02.

The specification has been presented in the opening session of RuleML 2016.

The intended audience of the Deliberation RuleML specification includes users who want to perform any of the following tasks:

* Author new Deliberation RuleML instance documents
* Author new instance documents using a syntax that incorporates Deliberation RuleML elements, such as Consumer RuleML, Reaction RuleML, or LegalRuleML
* Validate such documents
* Transform such documents
* Implement reasoning engines that accept such documents

For more information, see Deliberation RuleML 1.02 Release History.