RuleML 2016 Report

September 9, 2016 at 4:02 PM
The 10th International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML 2016) was held at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York 11794, USA, July 6-9, 2016. A total number of 68 papers were submitted from which 18 full papers, 2 short papers, 3 industry papers, 7 challenge papers and 3 Doctoral Consortium papers were selected. Moreover, 2 keynote and 2 tutorial papers were invited.

Most regular papers were presented in one of these tracks:

  • Smart Contracts, Blockchain, and Rules,
  • Constraint Handling Rules,
  • Event Driven Architectures and Active Database Systems,
  • Legal Rules and Reasoning,
  • Rule- and Ontology-Based Data Access and Transformation,
  • Rule Induction and Learning.

Following up on previous years, RuleML also hosted the 6th RuleML Doctoral Consortium and the 10th International Rule Challenge, which this year was dedicated to applications of rule-based reasoning, such as: Rules in Retail, Rules in Tourism, Rules in Transportation, Rules in Geography, Rules in Location-Based Search, Rules in Insurance Regulation, Rules in Medicine, and Rules in Ecosystem Research.

This year’s symposium featured four invited keynote and tutorial talks (click to watch on Youtube):

As a novelty this year, there was a highly successful co-location between RuleML 2016 and DecisionCAMP 2016, facilitated by Jacob Feldman and colleagues. A total number of 132 participants attended both conferences and the affiliated sub-events. The co-location was a great opportunity for the rule-based community and the industrial decision-modeling community to mingle at one of the several joint events such as: the joint reception and conference dinner at the Hilton Garden Hotel on, respectively, Tuesday July 6 and Thursday July 8; the joint keynote by Bruce Silver; the joint tutorial by Neng-Fa Zhou; and the RuleML industry session on Friday, July 9.

The RuleML 2016 Best Paper Awards were given to:

  • Iliano Cervesato, Edmund Soon Lee Lam and Ali Elgazar for their paper "Choreographic Compilation of Decentralized Comprehension Patterns", and
  • Ho-Pun Lam, Mustafa Hashmi and Brendan Scofield for their paper "Enabling Reasoning with LegalRuleML".


Iliano Cervesato presenting Choreographic Compilation of Decentralized Comprehension Patterns



The 10th International Rule Challenge Awards went to:

  • Ingmar Dasseville, Laurent Janssens, Gerda Janssens, Jan Vanthienen and Marc Denecker, for their paper "Combining DMN and the Knowledge Base Paradigm for Flexible Decision Enactment", and
  • Jacob Feldman for his paper "What-If Analyzer for DMN-based Decision Models".


Ingmar Dasseville presenting Combining DMN and the Knowledge Base Paradigm for Flexible Decision Enactment


Jacob Feldman. What-If Analyzer for DMN-based Decision Models


As in previous years, RuleML 2016 was also a place for presentations and face-to-face meetings about rule technology standardizations, which this year covered RuleML 1.02 (System of Families of Languages and Knowledge-Interoperation Hub) and DMN 1.1 (OMG DMN RTF).


Adrian Paschke. A RuleML - DMN Translator
Harold Boley. The RuleML Knowledge-Interoperation Hub
Daniel Selman. Decision Management at the Speed of Events


Details about the RuleML and DecisionCAMP 2016 programs etc. can be found via, the Springer proceedings at, the CEUR proceedings at, and RuleML Youtube channel videos at

We would like to thank our sponsors, whose contributions allowed us to cover the costs of student participants and invited/keynote speakers. We would also like to thank all the people who have contributed to the success of this year’s special RuleML 2016 and co-located events, including the organization chairs, PC members, authors, speakers, and participants.

The RuleML community will join forces in 2017 with the RR (Web Reasoning and Rule Systems) community for the joint conference: RuleML+RR 2017: International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning, under the leadership of Fariba Sadri and Roman Kontchakov.

See you all next year at RuleML+RR 2017 in London, UK.


Paul Fodor (General Chair), Guido Governatori (Program Co-Chair), Jose Julio Alferes (Program Co-Chair), Leopoldo Bertossi (Program Co-Chair).


Contact info: Paul Fodor, Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794, USA,