RuleML 2014 Awards

August 22, 2014 at 10:12 AM
organization committee is happy to announce the 2014 Awards of Excellence recipients and would like to congratulate all winners!

RuleML Best Paper Award

Went to Marco Calautti, Sergio Greco, Cristian Molinaro and Irina Trubitsyna for their work Checking Termination of Logic Programs with Function Symbols Through Linear Constraints
They present the novel class of rule-bounded programs. While current techniques perform a limited analysis of how terms are propagated from an individual argument to another, their technique is able to perform a more global analysis, thereby overcoming several limitations of current approaches. They alsopresent a further class of cycle-bounded programs where groups of rules are analyzed together.

RuleML Challenge Award

Went to Benjamin Dönz and Harold Boley for their work Extracting Data from the Deep Web with Global-as-View Mediators Using Rule-Enriched Semantic Annotations.
To allow automated interaction with databases on the Deep Web, thei application uses rules that exploit features (e.g. HTML attribute values) to identify elements on a Web page and infer semantic annotations that link these elements to known concepts (e.g. query parameters or result values). Deep Web Mediator demostrates the performance of this approach in a classified-advertising use case. The system is able to answer complex queries by transforming and forwarding them to multiple sites as well as integrating the local results.

RuleML Challenge Runner-up Award

Went to Iosif Viktoratos, Athanasios Tsadiras and Nick Bassiliades for their work Geosocial SPLIS: A Rule-Based Service for context-aware point of interest exploration.
They build an innovative location based social networking service allowing organization to assert their own properties and group targeted offering policies e.g. "If a person is unemployed and day is Friday then spaghetti price has discount 10%". These offering policies are represented as rules in RuleML. The system evaluates rules on the fly depending on regular user's context and delivers personalized offers to them.

RuleML Rulebase Competition Award

Went to Mohammad Sadnan Al Manir and Christopher J.O. Baker for their RuleML rulebase OffshoreHoldingAnalytics.ruleml presented in Offshore Holdings Analytics Using Datalog+ RuleML Rules
In April 2013, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) exposed the details of 130,000 offshore accounts. Although there are legitimate businesses which use such accounts, there exist a number of accounts which are possibly linked to international tax fraud and money laundering. The ICIJ investigation was based on 2.5 million records of offshore holdings linked to 170 countries. All these records have been made available for further examination and analysis. Based on over 2.5 million records of offshore holdings linked to 170 countries, a set of facts, rules and queries have been formulated in Datalog+ RuleML 1.01/XML and these rules have been tested and validated against the Relax NG schema for Datalog+ in RuleML 1.01/XML.

RuleML Student Travel Support Awards

Were offered by the Artificial Intelligence Journal to Marco Calautti and Shashishekar Ramakrishna.