Day 3: August 20, 2014

July 12, 2014 at 12:56 PM

Location: the Clarion Congress Hotel, Freyova 33, Prague 9 (Google Map). Website:, ECAI webpage: Map with the meeting rooms.

9:00-10:00 RuleML 2014 Keynote talk: Luc De Raedt. Chair: Dumitru Roman.
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break (provided)
10:30-12:10 RuleML conference talks. Chair: Adrian Giurca.
  • Robert Kowalski and Fariba Sadri. Completeness of a Reactive System Language (25 min. presentation).
  • Katerina Ksystra, Nikolaos Triantafyllou and Petros Stefaneas. On Verifying Reactive Rules Using Rewriting Logic (25 min. presentation).
  • Marco Calautti, Sergio Greco, Cristian Molinaro and Irina Trubitsyna. Checking Termination of Logic Programs with Function Symbols Through Linear Constraints (25 min. presentation).
  • Mingmin Chen, Shizhuo Yu, Nico Franz, Shawn Bowers and Bertram Ludaescher. A Hybrid Diagnosis Approach Combining Black-box and White-box Approaches (25 min. presentation).
12:10-13:40 Lunch Break
13:40-14:30 Invited talk: Efficient mapping rules in OBDA, Arild Waaler, University of Oslo, Norway. Chair: Dumitru Roman.
14:30-15:20 RuleML conference talks (rules and reasoning applications). Chair: Guido Governatori.
  • Iosif Viktoratos, Athanasios Tsadiras and Nick Bassiliades. Using Rules to Develop a Personalized and Social Location Information System for the Semantic Web (25 min. presentation).
  • Zaenal Akbar, José María García, Ioan Toma and Dieter Fensel. On Using Semantically-aware Rules for Efficient Online Communication (25 min. presentation).
15:20-15:50 Cofee Break (provided)
15:50-16:10 RuleML conference talks (rules and reasoning applications cont.). Chair: Guido Governatori.
  • Ayesha Aziz, Salvador Rodriguez and Chris Chatwin. From Guidelines to Practice: Improving clinical care through Rule based Clinical Decision Support at the point of care (20 min. presentation).
16:10-17:15 RuleML conference talks (uncertainty, defeasibility, nonmonotonic reasoning). Chair: Harold Boley.
  • Pierpaolo Dondio. Multi-valued Argumentation Frameworks (25 min. presentation).
  • Guido Governatori, Francesco Olivieri, Simone Scannapieco and Matteo Cristani. The hardness of revising defeasible preferences (20 min. presentation).
  • Szymon Bobek and Grzegorz J. Nalepa. Incomplete and uncertain data handling in context-aware rule-based systems with modified certainty factors algebra (20 min. presentation).
17:15-17:30 RuleML Closing Session: Best Paper Awards, Rule Challenge Awards, Rulebase Competition Award and Doctorial Consortium Paper Award, RuleML 2014 chairs.