PSOA RuleML Explained with Blockchain Examples

December 6, 2018 at 2:55 PM
Grailog Visualizations, Herbrand Models, and PSOATransRun Queries

The PSOA RuleML language and its PSOATransRun engine provide cross-paradigm deductive querying. Knowledge representation in PSOA RuleML is explored with a progression of data and rules built from relations (tables), objects (graphs), as well as their systematic integration and extension. All kinds of data from this PSOA systematics are visualized by generalized (hyper)graphs in an extended Grailog. Building on relational Herbrand models, object-centered and object-relational Herbrand models are presented as a novel model-theoretic semantics for such data and rules. Comprehensive PSOATransRun query & answer pairs for the same PSOA knowledge bases exemplify the proof-theoretic semantics. General notions are illustrated by varieties of transitive closure as high-level knowledge about blockchains like Gridcoin and Chia Network.