The 4th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning (RuleML+RR 2020)

November 6, 2020 at 6:49 PM
Report on the 4th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning (RuleML+RR 2020)
Dumitru Roman (SINTEF AS / University of Oslo, Norway), General Co-chair RuleML+RR 2020
Martin Giese (University of Oslo, Norway), General Co-chair RuleML+RR 2020
Ahmet Soylu (NTNU / SINTEF AS, Norway), General Co-chair RuleML+RR 2020

The annual International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning (RuleML+RR) is an international conference on research, applications, languages and standards for rule technologies, rule-based programming and rule-based systems including production rules systems, logic programming rule engines, as well as business-rule engines and management systems; Semantic Web rule languages and rule standards, including RuleML (e.g., PSOA RuleML, Reaction RuleML and LegalRuleML), SWRL, RIF, Common Logic, PRR, decision rules and Decision Model and Notation (DMN), as well as Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR); rule-based Event Processing Languages (EPLs) and technologies; and foundational research on inference rules, transformation rules, decision rules, production rules, and Event-Condition-Action (ECA) rules. In 2017, RuleML+RR joined the efforts of two well-established conference series: the International Web Rule Symposia (RuleML) and the Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR) conferences, and it is now the leading conference to build bridges between academia and industry in the field of Web rules and its applications, especially as part of the Semantic Technology stack. RuleML+RR is commonly listed together with and related to other major high-impact Artificial Intelligence conferences worldwide, starting with IJCAI in 2011 and 2016, ECAI in 2012, AAAI in 2013, ECAI in 2014, the AI Summit London in 2017, and GCAI in 2018 and 2019. The RuleML symposia and RR conferences have been held since 2002 and 2007, respectively. The RR conferences have been a forum for discussion and dissemination of new results on Web reasoning and rule systems, with an emphasis on rule-based approaches and languages. The RuleML symposia have been devoted to disseminating research, applications, languages, and standards for rule technologies, with attention to both theoretical and practical developments, to challenging new ideas, and to industrial applications. Building on the tradition of both, RuleML and RR, the joint conference series RuleML+RR aims at bridging academia and industry in the field of rules, and at fostering the cross-fertilization between the different communities focused on the research, development, and applications of rule-based systems. RuleML+RR aims at being the leading conference series for all subjects concerning theoretical advances, novel technologies, and innovative applications about knowledge representation and reasoning with rules.

To leverage these goals, RuleML+RR 2020 ( was organized as part of Declarative AI 2020 - Rules, Reasoning, Decisions, and Explanations ( Declarative AI 2020 was co-organised by SINTEF AS, University of Oslo, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology, under the umbrella of the SIRIUS Centre for Scalable Data Access. The event was planned to be held at Oslo, Norway; however, held virtually between 24 June - 1 July 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This first virtual-only edition of the event series attracted 380 registered participants. With its general topic "Declarative AI", the event aimed at presenting the latest advancements in AI and rules, reasoning, decisions, and explanations and their adoption in IT systems towards improving key fields such as environment, health and societies. To this end, Declarative AI 2020 brought together a range of events with related interests. In addition to RuleML+RR, the event included DecisionCAMP 2020 (, and the 16th Reasoning Web Summer School (RW 2020,

 RuleML+RR 2020 hosted the following sub-events:

The 14th International Rule Challenge was organized by Sotiris Moschoyiannis (University of Surrey, UK) and Jan Vanthienen (KU Leuven, Belgium). The aim of this initiative was to provide competition among work in progress and new visionary ideas concerning innovative rule-oriented applications, aimed at both research and industry.

The RuleML+RR Doctoral Consortium (DC) 2020 was organized by Paul Fodor (Stony Brook University, USA) and Daniela Inclezan (Miami University, USA). The doctoral consortium was an initiative to attract and promote student research in rules and reasoning, with the opportunity for students to present and discuss their ideas, and benefit from close contact with leading experts in the field.

Industry track, organised by Francisco Martin-Recuerda (DNVGL, Norway), Nikolay Nikolov (SINTEF AS, Norway), and Ioan Toma (Onlim, Austria). The aim of the Industry Track was to share experiences from practitioners when applying rules to industries such as engineering, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, media, financials, telecommunications, healthcare, life sciences, government, smart cities, and cultural heritage.

The technical program of the main track of RuleML+RR 2020 included the presentation of seven full research papers and six short papers. These contributions were carefully selected by the Program Committee among 30 high-quality submissions to the event. Each paper was carefully reviewed and discussed by members of the PC.

A Standards/Representations session was devoted to Prolog and RuleML (full paper by Mark Thom, Harold Boley and Theodoros Mitsikas), PSOA RuleML (invited tutorial by Theodoros Mitsikas), and LegalRuleML (invited presentation by Monica Palmirani).

This technical program was enriched with the additional contributions from the Doctoral Consortium, the Rule Challenge, and the Industry Track.

At RuleML+RR 2020 the following invited keynotes were presented by experts in the field:

Keynote by Derek Miers (Sr Director at Gartner, United Kingdom): “What The Real World Needs From Decision Management, Reasoning and AI”

Keynote by Dieter Fensel (Professor at University of Innsbruck, Austria): “Knowledge Graphs: Methodologies, Tools, and Selected Use Cases”

Keynote by Eyke Hüllermeier (Professor at Paderborn University, Germany): “Multilabel Rule Learning”

Keynote by Arild Waaler (Professor at University of Oslo, Norway): “Requirements as Rules”

RuleML+RR 2020 awarded the Best Paper Award to Tackling the DMN Challenges with cDMN: A Tight Integration of DMN and Constraint Reasoning by Bram Aerts, Simon Vandevelde, and Joost Vennekens. The winner of Best Student Paper was Benchmark for Performance Evaluation of SHACL Implementations in Graph Databases by Robert Schaffenrath, Daniel Proksch, Markus Kopp, Iacopo Albasini, Oleksandra Panasiuk, and Anna Fensel. The Best Presentation Award went to Reasoning under Uncertainty in Datalog+/- Knowledge Graphs by Luigi Bellomarini, Eleonora Laurenza, Emanuel Sallinger, and Evgeny Sherkhonov. The Best Rule Challenge Presentation Award went to Action Rules: Counterfactual explanations in Python by Lukáš Sýkora and Tomáš Kliegr.

The chairs sincerely thank the keynote speakers for their contribution to the success of the event. The chairs also thank the Program Committee members and the additional reviewers for their hard work in the careful assessment of the submitted papers. Further thanks go to all authors of contributed papers, in particular, for their efforts in the preparation of their submissions and the camera-ready versions within the established schedule. Sincere thanks are due to the chairs of the additional tracks and subevents, namely the Doctoral Consortium, the Rule Challenge, the Poster and Interaction Track, Industry Track, and to the chairs of all co-located Declarative AI 2020 events. The chairs finally thank the entire organization team including the Publicity, Proceedings, Sponsorship chairs, who actively contributed to the organization and the success of the event.

A special thanks also goes to Springer, for their cooperation in editing and publishing of the main proceedings and CEUR for the affiliated programs proceedings.

The RuleML+RR community will organize the 2021 joint conference as part of (the probably again virtual) Declarative AI 2021.

RuleML+RR 2020 General Chairs:
Dumitru Roman (SINTEF AS / University of Oslo, Norway)
Martin Giese (University of Oslo, Norway)
Ahmet Soylu (NTNU / SINTEF AS, Norway)

Contact info: Dumitru Roman, SINTEF AS, Oslo, Norway