RuleML Blog & Social Mediazine is powered by the Online Presence Management platform

As a member of the RuleML community you can promote your work using this blog and elsewhere where AAYO allows publishing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ...)

Would you like to become a member of the RuleML@AAYO team, please send an email to containing the following information:

  • Your desired username (nickname)
  • A valid email address necessary for user activation

About the publishing platform

You can publish Articles, Posters, Events, Offers... on your online social media presence (the website, on social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing, ... and on the RuleML mobile application. There are two modes: simple and advanced - each offering the same kinds of items but the advanced publishing include more sophisticated capabilities.

Hints about a typical workflow for creating blog content in the Online Presence Management platform

  1. From the "Publish" menu, select "Advanced" and then "Article".
  2. In the boxes, enter the "Title/Headline", the "Author" (your name may already be pre-entered), and the "Article Body". So, typically, just skip "Summary" and "Add a Video".
  3. For the "Article Body" box, you can use the visual editor. E.g., in the second row of icons, there is a chain-like Link option for giving a URL to a highlighted text snippet.
  4. In the box "Preview Image", you can upload a figure (e.g., in *.png format). This Image can then be positioned with the visual editor (e.g., at the beginning or the end of the Article Body).
  5. At the bottom, in the middle, "Save Draft" after you have entered content.
  6. At the bottom, on the left, "Preview" to see a preview of your content.
  7. Once your Draft is ready, some of your colleagues should proof-read it within
  8. Under "Publishing Channels", in the first phase, restrict publication to "Online Presence of RuleML Blog & Social Mediazine":
    • In the first row, under "Branded Smartphone App" just select "RuleML App".
    • At the bottom, on the right, "Publish" in the blog on the Web.
  9. (Should some revision be needed after this first-phase publication, the Article can be copied into a new Draft and then the old publication be deleted.)
  10. Only if of you and your colleagues are happy with the first-phase Web publication, should you proceed to the second phase of publication on those external media (Facebook, ...) in whose groups you are a member (you will need to connect your Facebook user and other channels).
    (Second-phase publication cannot be entirely undone, e.g. the backlinks created by those external media would break.)